Boost Your ACT Score With Moshe Ohayon’s Proven Techniques

College-bound high school students typically feel a sense of dread when they think about taking the ACT. A student’s ACT score affects everything from college acceptance to scholarship opportunities. For this reason, the ACT has become a dreaded, four-hour marathon in which students feel tremendous pressure to do well. Unfortunately, many will find that their scores don’t accurately reflect their capabilities.

After years of study and experimentation, Moshe Ohayon of Louisville, KY, founded Bad Test Takers, a test prep company designed to help frustrated students boost their standardized test scores. Most students, despite being intelligent and knowledgeable in core subject areas, enter the ACT surprisingly unprepared. With Ohayon’s proven techniques and logical attack strategies, students achieve significantly higher scores by learning how to minimize mistakes and how to think strategically about the ACT and its structure.

Ohayon and the Bad Test Takers team of highly knowledgeable instructors make it their mission to study and analyze every minute detail about the ACT. In fact, every instructor routinely retakes the ACT to test and retest Bad Test Takers strategies. Students learn from the experts about how to take the test in a smarter way, using a revolutionary, seemingly counter-intuitive approach. Students often fail to realize that many of the test-taking habits they use on high school exams are ineffective when it comes to the ACT. Replacing these habits with a tactical ACT-specific approach is the key to a significantly higher score.

Such an approach is the key to the success of Bad Test Takers, which offers one-on-one tutoring and online ACT courses but also recently published what has become a wildly popular strategy guide entitled The ACT for Bad Test Takers. Bad Test Takers also offers professional development and consulting services to schools and educators, guiding them on how to best equip students for success on the ACT.

Moshe Ohayon: Teaching Students How to Ace the ACT

Over 1.5 million students take the ACT each year, but many earn scores that are well below their true abilities. Whether this stems from the students’ fear or lack of tools to successfully take the test, low scores typically do not accurately gauge a student’s capabilities. But college entrance exams, like the ACT and SAT, carry high stakes: higher ACT scores are often the key to more scholarship opportunities and college admission offers.

For this reason, Moshe Ohayon of Louisville, KY, founded Bad Test Takers to teach practical, no-nonsense techniques that not only help students build confidence for the ACT but also yield significantly higher scores. Ohayon, a self-confessed former bad test taker, and his team spent hundreds of hours learning the ins and outs of the ACT. In fact, they still take the four-hour exam themselves from time to time. Taking the test periodically ensures that Bad Test Takers strategies remain relevant and that tutors keep their experience current instead of relying on a 10- or 20-year-old memory.

But more importantly, Ohayon and his team studied the test-taking tendencies of their students. Most high school students approach the ACT as they would a test in school. Because of the ACT’s format and rigorous time constraints, however, it is fundamentally different. Still, students often choose to race through the exam with only the finish line in mind. Approaching the ACT in this way is counterproductive, Ohayon discovered, and will often leading to a disappointing score. For many students, obtaining a higher ACT score first requires a change in mindset.

After years of study and experimentation, Ohayon perfected a unique approach to the ACT and now shares his proven strategy with students and schools all over the country. Last year, Ohayon and Bad Test Takers published The ACT for Bad Test Takers, a powerful strategy guide that teaches students frustrated with the test how to approach it much more effectively. The strategy is also available in a popular online crash course that teaches bad test takers how to become good ones. The course can be found on