Even “Bad” Test Takers Can Improve Their ACT Scores

Millions of students take the ACT, but many are disappointed when they receive their scores. A low ACT score not only limits a student’s college options, but it can also reduce the student’s chances at scholarships. Why is it that many intelligent students do so poorly on the ACT?

Moshe Ohayon of Louisville, KY, founder of Bad Test Takers, set out to find out why smart kids have trouble getting high ACT scores. He discovered that students took the ACT as if it were like the tests they were used to taking at school. This tendency, Ohayon believes, causes students to go into the test totally unprepared. After years of study and experimentation, he devised a simple but revolutionary approach for taking the ACT, giving students the tools they need to tackle all four ACT sections in the most effective way.

Ohayon founded Bad Test Takers to teach students how to take advantage of what he and his team of expert tutors have learned about the ACT. An interactive online course takes students through each section of the test, teaching them how to abandon bad test-taking habits and learn new, sometimes seemingly counterintuitive ways to tackle the ACT strategically.

Ohayon and the Bad Test Takers team periodically retake the ACT to ensure the efficacy of their approach and to keep their years of experience finely honed. Based in Louisville, KY, the team also travels to schools across the country where they conduct workshops and seminars.