Learn to Boost Your Score with ACT Expert Moshe Ohayon of Louisville

Bad Test Takers prepares high school students to take the ACT in a new way. Bad Test Takers deviates from the traditional approach, instead providing a proven method of obtaining higher scores. Moshe Ohayon of Louisville, KY, an ACT expert and founder of Bad Test Takers, devised a new technique whereby students replace ineffective test-taking habits with analytical, strategic thinking that significantly boosts ACT scores. Higher scores mean better opportunities when it comes to scholarships and admission to a student’s college of choice.

Bad Test Takers offers a one-of-a-kind online experience that teaches students how to take advantage of the way the ACT is structured and outlines techniques that can significantly raise test scores. Moshe Ohayon and other experts at Bad Test Takers continually study and analyze, not only the ACT itself, but also how it is scored to define the best test-taking strategies. Amazingly, to keep their experience current and ensure the effectiveness of their methods, Ohayon and his team continue to take the ACT themselves.

Human nature often takes the upper hand and many students put ACT preparation on the back burner, not thinking about it until they are juniors or seniors. Ohayon recommends that students begin ACT preparation no later than their sophomore year. Students who begin preparing later face more challenges to improvement. With hard work, however, even students who begin late benefit greatly from the Bad Test Takers approach. With the help of Ohayon and the Bad Test Takers team, thousands of students have successfully reached their target ACT scores.